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Welcome to AJT Sports Therapy!

I hope you are given enough information from this site, but feel free to call me for any additional queries you may have!

I am a highly professional Sports Therapist, offering a range of treatment services to patients in the North West, based from the Whitby Sports and Social Club in Ellesmere Port. The club has extensive free parking and is easily accessible, with clinics run daily Monday-Friday with late evening appointments available. My rehabilitation pilates classes are also held at the club.

I pride myself in my professionalism and continuing development through “evidence-based” practice techniques, from continuous research, ensuring that treatments are effective and proven. I am a passionate practitioner! Running a personable, relaxed and comfortable clinic – listening to patients needs and adapting treatment to ensure patients receive the best possible care and guidance.

To detail a few common conditions I treat:

- Back and neck pain
- Sporting injuries, e.g. hamstring and calf strains, ACL rehabilitation, ankle sprains, rotator cuff injuries
- Tennis elbow
- Whiplash
- Frozen shoulder
- Plantar fasciitis
- Achilles tendonitis
- General muscular spasms/strains
- Joint injuries
- Shin splints
- Sciatic pain

Whilst running an individual clinic, I am also partnered with The Port Chiropractic as part of The Chiropractic and Sports Therapy Clinic. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach, sharing expertise and a “best practice” approach to patients. Some treatments may still require further referrals to other health professionals, for example GPs and Podiatrists, but assessments will determine the appropriate patient plan. 

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