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Treatment Plan

A detailed initial assessment will determine the treatment plan going forwards,  A summary of some of the available treatments:AJT Sports Therapy Treatment Room

- Remedial Massage
- Sports Massage
- Trigger point therapy
- Mobilisations
- Ultrasound
- Sports Injury Rehabilitation for example, core/postural control, proprioception, aerobic training, plyometrics,
AJT Sports Therapy Treatment Room- Kinesio Taping (K Taping)
- Pilates

As both a Sports Therapist and Remedial Massage therapist, my treatment range is diverse and will be adapted to work with your specific injury/issue. Taking a full medical history, assessing the injury, an agreed treatment plan will be devised in partnership with the patient.

As a Sports Therapist, my services include injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. My aim is to return patients back to full functional fitness in the shortest possible time – supporting with treatment, exercise plans, follow up treatments toAJT Sports Therapy Treatment Room help improve strength, agility, balance and core stability where appropriate.

Treatments are specific to the injury and sporting arena to ensure that rehabilitation is relevant, directed and progressive. Having worked with football clubs, long and short distance runners, hurdlers and cyclists, my experience is diverse, but each treatment plan will be based on a comprehensive assessment and will be made in partnership with the patient.

AJT Sports Therapy Treatment RoomAs a Remedial Massage Therapist, my experience extends to working with conditions such as sciatic pain, muscle spasms, trigger points, back and neck mobilisation/traction work, tennis elbow conditions, knee complaints, whiplash injuries and general body relaxation massage.