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Like many people, I work in an office and sit at a desk all day. This causes frequent back and neck pain. I have been treated by Amanda fortnightly for many years and I have found that her treatment releases the tension that builds up in my neck and shoulders and leaves me pain free. Amanda has also been able to advise me on correct posture and has provided me with exercises that I can perform at home. Amanda not only treats the immediate symptoms but tries to address the root cause of the problem. Her service is professional, friendly and effective.
KJS - Chester

I first went to see Amanda (as recommended by a friend) in 2008 with a minor running injury, which in one session was fixed! Given the strains that marathon training puts on your muscles I have had many subsequent trips to see Amanda with numerous injuries/niggles, all of which she has fixed and got me back on the road to recovery. Amanda is very thorough and each time I go to see her with a new problem, she always goes that extra mile to determine the root cause of the problem and plan a way forward for recovery. I would recommend any athlete to go and see Amanda with a sporting injury, as she will always provide an excellent friendly service, establish the cause of the problem and determine a way forward in terms of recovery and a rehabilitation plan.
I would just like to say thanks to Amanda for all her help, as there would have been many races that I wouldn’t have been able to complete without her help.
KQ – Wales

I never really much back trouble in the past but now that i am constantly travelling with my job i had developed back pain from the weekly flights and hotel pillows... After just one treatment though with Amanda I felt immediately better and continued to get progressively better with each session afterwards. I have been visiting Amanda now for several months and this allows me to continue travelling and the pain is a thing of the past because of her amazing treatment and sound advice. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
MA – Great Sutton

There is only one word to describe Amanda and that is amazing!
I had suffered for severely years with a pain in my left knee, hip and leg and tried all the normal avenues of physiotherapy and medication but nothing worked and I was resigned to the fact I would have to live with the pain for ever. My husband had previously seen Amanda so I thought I would give it a go as I had nothing to lose. Amanda is a miracle worker, she managed to assess my leg and give me treatment to help with the pain. The treatment has worked so well I am completely pain free which I thought I would never have again, I am able to do regularly exercise and do all the things I was unable to do before. Thank you so much Amanda you have completely transformed my life!
NH – Chester

I was virtually in constant pain and ready to give up then after a few sessions of physio from Amanda that helped a lot. Amanda suggested k-taping. I have never heard of it before I thought "tape, how can that work?", Amanda explained it all, so I said "ok anything is worth a try". The relief that it gave me from pain was incredible. I can now sleep at night and the constant pain is gone, I just wish I had tried Amanda 18months earlier.
JS - Chester